The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 starts today and is on until 16th July. You can watch the keynotes live at It’s also nice to see that on the homepage of the Digital WPC site they are tracking tweets with the WPC09 hashtag.

The Midlands SBS Group Leader, Steve Wright, who is also one of the new SBSC PALs for the UK has some videos of his WPC09 experience in New Orleans so check that out as well on his blog or on twitter.

So the things I’m expecting to be announced are :

  • More details as to the new Microsoft Partner Programme
  • Windows 7 (will they announce RTM?)
  • Sharepoint Server 2010
  • Office 2010
  • Silverlight 3 (already released but expecting more announcements around it)
  • Visual Studio 2010?
  • Pricing details of Azure? ( …or will they leave that until PDC?)

These are some of the things I’m expecting, so we’ll see over the coming days.