I’ve created a group on Facebook called the Small Business Specialist Community on Facebook. It’s a closed group, so if you’re a SBSC Partner come and sign-up. I’ve absolutely not idea what we’ll use it for but it’ll be interesting to see if it develops and in what way? I don’t see it as a technical support forum as there are existing places to do that. It’s about building relationships but without any real agenda, a kind of organic and viral growth. I thought about calling it “UK” but what the heck, let’s go global!

If the Friends of Blue Monster can get over 130 members, then surely we can get some decent numbers on our group! I’m going to tout it over at the WPC Connect online tool as well and see what happens.

Facebook is a great social networking tool and is growing like crazy at the moment, so jump aboard the bandwagon!


There is another group called Small Business IT and Specialists startd by Stuart Crawford, doh!

I’ve added a discussion topic on “Growing the Community”, so there is some purpose in joining the Group. I’ll take feedback with into the SBSC PALs Meeting on Sunday 8th July in Denver. This is a chance to get our voices heard at the Microsoft Corp level and with those who ultimately hold the purse strings. Don’t hold back with your views, good or bad – let’s see if we get some serious benefit for us all!!

Thanks in Advance.