No, not me!

Our good friend Robbie Upcroft has a new full-time role at Microsoft working with Westcoast, so we’ll be hearing less of those silky Aussie tones ringing in our ears! We’ve got a lot to thank “The Bob” for and it’s just not going to be the same, boo hoo! He’s kicked butt in Microsoft on behalf of the Small Business Community and kept us in the game when it came justifying our existence.

Not content with his Nation annihilating us in the Cricket, he’s even taught us how to do this Community thing and then run a marathon as well! But seriously, his passion and commitment really has been much more than one would reasonably expect of someone. I know he’s far too humble, but I know it’s been a personal commitment to see Small Business Partners succeed.

There are some new people on point now for the SBSC Programme, but to be honest he’s going to be a hard act to follow. I think he’s set the bar very high. Luckily, he’s still going to be around the Small/Medium Business Market so I’m sure we’ll see him around.

Cheers Mate!!