Chris Rue has pulled out of the WPC and Small Business Symposium. I have to say I was shocked and surprised!

Chris had lead an heroic charge of SBSC Partners to keep us top of the WPC Connect Groups and for a while it worked and we thank him for that. Unfortunately, we’re languishing in about 7th with little hope of recovery. There was no bounds to Chris’s enthusiasm and his dedication to the cause. I felt we had found a leader to rival some of the greats of our time! He recently announced his promotion to MVP status which only seemed natural and right.

… so who will lead us now from the wilderness and in to the promised land? Who is going to stand tall in the Yellow Lounge, towering as a colussus for all to admire and be in awe of?

We will be flying flags here at half mast tomorrow and urge you all for a minute’s silence at 12.00pm BST!

Chris mentioned something about being able to make more money back at base than in Denver. I didn’t quite understand this concept of “making money” as a Small Business Partner? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. I thought we were to have a good time and party!