Today I learnt what Machinima is and it was fascinating! Sometimes, I love my job and the fact that I can follow my own instincts. I was very kindly invited to a kick-off event for the Machinima Festival which is being run by the Insititute of Creative Technology (IOCT) which is part of De Montfort University between 12-14th October. Machinima is the creation of high quality animation using videogames which allows it to be done cheaply and with little technical expertise. Why videogames? Well, it seems obvious now that I know what it is! Certain videogames such as the SIMs and Halo have 3-D rendering engines but more importantly scene generation that can be done in real-time. There was a presentation and some great examples of animation from Ricard Gras whose company La Interactiva is now an official developer of Second Life.

You’ve gotta check out RedvsBlue, which uses Halo to do little animations which are really funny and have been incrediably popular.

Advertising and marketing is an obvious use of Machinima. An interesting company that was mentioned was The Electric Sheep Company. You see you don’t have to go to Scoble’s blog to get the latest ideas and thinking about new media!