I received my first offer of potential payment for putting third party content on my blog today! The domain of the email I received checks out to be a real bona fide PR and Marketing Company. Of course, being of very high moral standing, I said yes – where do I sign? Only joking, they’ll be no Google Adwords or other paid for content here!

I’ve yet to reach the other major milestones, which really sets out the elite bloggers i.e. people emailing you to see why you haven’t blogged and that you are still alive (although if you were dead or gravely ill, you’d hardly be replying to email!) and of course no offers of marriage or undying love (I know I’m happily married but hey, still would be nice!).

So, just for vanity’s sake here is a nice web stats graph of my domain and unique visits since the beginning of the year. Most people end up at the blog and think what the hell have they landed on and are straight off again. As they say there are lies, damned lies and statistics or should that be web stats!