It might seem a bit strange me writing this post seeing as I recently had a case study published by Microsoft. However, Darren Strange has a really interesting blog post asking some searching questions about Case Studies. Microsoft has a formula for doing these and usually involves some sort of quantifiable metric. The problem, as Darren points out, is that things like ROI and TCO can be very hard to quantify. I recently had a conversation with some people in Microsoft making the point that Small Business case studies don’t necessarily have these nice measures! So how do you tell the story? I think there has to be a human connection there, something we can empthasise with, a feeling that the information being put forward hasn’t been nicely groomed for our attention. Basically, it should feel raw and should have some sort of emotion. I don’t have the answers but using things like blogs, vlogs and podcasts etc seem to be part of where it’s at. One of the comments on Darren’s post is a suggestion of having a Channel 9 like customer vox pox!

Great questioning of the status quo by Darren!