I’ve finally upgraded my old Asterisk@Home installation with Trixbox v2.2 (which is what the project is now called). How straight forward was this? Easy peasy! Just downloaded the VMWare image (650 MB zip file) and as I’d been running using VMWare Player, then I just had to open this new image. I set the IP address of the new VM and copied over the config to Trixbox and hey presto, we’re up and running! Okay, so I’m running this on my SBS 2003 box and VMWare Player gives warnings that you shouldn’t run this on a domain controller! I upgraded VMWare Player from 1.03 to 2.0 but that started causing BSODs on the SBS machine when starting the Trixbox image – not good! So, I reverted to keeping VMWare Player 1.0.3 – it works fine. The longest thing was finding how I enable voicemail? It actually has to be installed through one of the admin menus before it’ll appear in your Extension setup. The fact that I get a ton of sophisticated VoIP features and cheap calls is amazing. Seeing as Unified Messaging is all the rage at the moment, then even small businesses can be doing some clever stuff! I love the flexibility virtualisation is affording me as well.

The Trixbox Appliance looks really cool as well!