I’ve just enabled Microsoft Direct Push on my Orange SPV C600 and it’s just way cool! Blackberry, hah take that!

I’ve been waiting to sort out handling of Spam which I’ve done using IMF v2 (Intelligent Message Filter) and it’s performing a great job. It’s about 99.99% effective and has correctly classified all Spam with only a few valid emails being classified as Junk. I didn’t want Spam being pushed to my mobile and this has done the trick – bandwidth is precious!

I’ve set IMF to put Spam into the user’s mailbox Junk folder rather than keep it on the server, because on the server it would be saved as an .eml file and you’d need a method of reviewing these emails which isn’t provided out of the box. It’s easier just to have a quick review of the Junk folder on the client side.

I’m loving the Microsoft technology at the moment!