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The Microsoft Web Platform & Increasing Revenue

It’s no secret that I am fan of Microsoft technologies but there is no point in being a fanboy of a technology if it’s not delivering for your clients and ultimately for you as a business. It’s always great, when as a business owner, you can deliver a solution that makes a fundamental impact for your client and allows them to grow their business and be more successful. This is one of those occasions that I’d like to share.

Last year we started working with a company in Luton which provides car parking facilities for the popular Luton Airport. The car parking is provided offsite and is just outside the perimeter of the airport. It’s a competitive business and relies on taking much of it’s bookings online. It is therefore imperative that the business has an efficient and usable site.

Our client had a website but it was an old site which had been developed in ASP and used SQL Server 2000 as the backend database. It was hosted by a relatively unknown company which didn’t deliver the best service in the world. The website could only be accessed by Internet Explorer because key parts of it were implemented using VB Script. The payment system was integrated through to SagePay and there was a VB Basic application which the staff ran to access bookings from the SQL Server. It was a system that was not scalable and not reliable as the site would often stop connecting to database (at least once a week). This could only be fixed by a support email to the hosting company, who would reply with saying it was fixed but never said what the problem was or how to resolve it permanently. The system was no longer supported by the original developers.

Our client recognised all these issues and that it was holding their business back and had employed a relatively large IT/Software outsourcing business to develop a new site for them. This business failed to deliver and produced virtually nothing after 12 months and a serious of money having been spent.

Having eventually approached us, that is Ardent iSys, we embarked on a complete redevelopment of the site. We chose to develop the site using ASP.NET MVC 1.0, JQuery and SQL Server 2008. The aim was to put the entire business online, so that the backend booking management could be accessed via the browser as well. We moved the hosting to iomart using two dedicated servers running Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 on the second server. This gave significant scalability and the possibility of hosting multiple sites on this platform/configuration. Since deployment at the beginning of the year there has been zero downtime due to platform issues and the hosting is backed by SLAs. The costs have risen for the hosting but this is well worth the money for having your business up and running all the time. The new site can be found at and is a complete end to end development by Ardent iSys including the site design. This site was developed in about a 6 month period and since going live has functioned without any critical issues or causing the business to be offline for any time at all. The site can now be accessed via any browser and as we are using ASP.NET MVC we will eventually make the site W3C compliant. We are working on a new site design which is why we haven’t made the site fully W3C compliant at the moment. Gone are the days when Microsoft Web technology was the poor mocked cousin when it came to web standards.

The most important thing is that the new site is competing with some of our client’s bigger car parking competitors and after seeing the site they have started to get in touch with our client. The traffic to the site jumped rapidly after initial launch as people were able to use different browsers. Bookings have been steadily climbing and the search engine ranking of the site has gown as well. During the last few months traffic to the site has risen again by 40% and the revenue is greater than at anytime during the businesses existence.

There are plans to add a content management system, provide business reports from SQL Server about bookings and build an affiliate programme. The site is no longer a block to growing the business and our client can now concentrate on building and further growing revenue and profitability. They now know they have a technology solution that can deliver for them a Microsoft partner who can make that happen for them.

We are now developing a new site for a holiday business for this client which will be developed using ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and hosted on the same platform.

The way to speed up your Mac

Mac Performing Slow? Offering? How-To Reset MacBook Pro

So, when should preferably we reset MacBook or Macs? In many instances our macs just don’t do the job the way the useful to. Possibly overall performance is reducing. Or maybe your mac is crashing a tad too routinely. Probably you’re finding miscalculation signals continually. Or perhaps your most liked programs just will not perform. Primarily, your Mac only isn’t employed privilege.

Platform SOS. Feel Reset MacBook

Each of these ailments are quite discouraging that you can end up desperate to get going with from the tidy slate and reset your mac to factory surroundings. We love which our Mac are normally user-friendly and seldom practical knowledge the types of troubles confirming on a consistent basis by Windows xp Visitors. But occasionally, we find ourself at a busting issue, just where our mac OS is incredibly befuddled that platform reinstallation or resetting is our best course advanced. Thinking about Charging money for or Handing Out? 1st Reset MacBook

Perhaps you are thinking about improving within the most recent mac and retailing or handing out your much older style. If so, conducting a production line reset is extremely important before you can ship your mac on its way to a different proprietor. Handing our mac to someone with any of our info about it is really out of the question. What we need to offer the new owner in considered the closest task to a wonderful rarely ever-accustomed mac. So for regardless of what basis, whether it is improving your present mac’s productivity or planning it for a totally new keeper, performing a manufacturer reset on mac is required. And the fact is, it is not as easy of any procedure like we mac end users have the experience of.

This guide lets you study the solutions to reset macbook pro slow macbook pro and all sorts of mac laptops, return to early production line adjustments.

Observe: The following information is applicable to Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Environment. So free of much more ado, 9 solutions to reset mac to production line configuration settings

1- Replicate Your Hard Drive Prior To Deciding To Reset MacBook

Anytime you reset your mac, all the info and details you have on top of your hard disk drive receives wiped out. So, you will need to make a back-up. We call this cloning your hard disk – making a total file backup of your own High def and always keeping it for a period of time.

When you find yourself performing a reset to factory environments, we advise maintaining a replicate. This a bootable replicated of this disk drive-a whole and the same reproduce on your start up size which can be stashed for an additional travel in such a way which you could boot your Mac from using it if necessary.

To produce a genuine clone, you may need an application also as an external hard drive.

A Word About Time Machine

If you use Time Machine, then you certainly now have a decent copy. It is no authentic replicate, but it surely has every one of your critical information, software applications, in conjunction with other reports safely placed in its back ups. So if you want to use Time Machines only, then be certain to by hand back up over time Device well before continuing to the subsequent measures.

To do a guide backup, head off to Structure Personal preferences. Choose Time System. And select the checkbox “Show Time Product in menu bar.”

One time determined, we can see a period of time Piece of equipment symbol show up to your menu bar’s accurate spot around day and time. Visit this symbol and choose Backup Now. Finding that means have all you need on your Time Model backups.

Hard drive Cloning Opposed to Time Appliance Back up

The main distinction between Clones and Time Appliance Back ups are that clones provide speedy recuperation. That has a replicate, you get back to job shortly after a drive collision or acute start-up sound level issues.

Generally connect your clone gain, restart your laptop whenever having about the Course of action main, pick the duplicate generate in Start-up Administrator, and push Profit. And you’re once again ready to go. So that you can finish off any effort or constructions before you can cope with your issue drive. By working for the duplicate send, you restore or swap your main start up hard drive as your routine allows for.

Gradually Unit, rejuvenating your files to a new hard drive or reconditioned commute pushes time, quite possibly days. And restoring a large travel from the local cloud data backup service demands even longer and is particularly reliant on your internet velocity.

Utilising Third Party Drive the car Cloning Applications

You will find numbers of products available on the market that copy your mac in an exterior brings. For example functions, we have been featuring Carbon dioxide Version Cloner. Another popular choice is SuperDuper. Both together Carbon Backup Cloner and SuperDuper have been around for a good when so that they have a quality background. Both of the is focused on cloning, exhibit a easy and simple to learn ui. And both of those contain straightforward elements to create and maintain bootable duplicates.

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