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Update on Sharepoint Event on 29th April

The Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 event on 29th April at Microsoft London at 6.00pm, has filled up quite nicely with over 50 people registered to come along.

Steve Smith MVP (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) will be covering Content Types and Document Management.

Craig Carpenter (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) will be talking about Search Server Express

Bill English MVP (of US based consultancy Mindsharp) is presenting on DeliverPoint.

There’s still room if you want to attend? Either email me at or leave a comment.

Installing MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008

This is something I’ve yet to do, but I’m starting to look at this seriously now and I’ve found some useful resources for this.

Installing MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008 by Matt Hester (Technet Edge) – with a video walkthrough as well.

How to move MOSS 2007 from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 64bit (plus they’ve got a load of other great FREE whitepapers to download)


Sponsored by Novell and built on the Mono/.NET framework, iFolder is described as :-

… a simple and secure storage solution that can increase your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files-from anywhere, at any time. Once you have installed iFolder, you simply save your files locally-as you have always done-and iFolder automatically updates the files on a network server and delivers them to the other machines you use.

Sound familiar? Sound anything like Mesh?

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Partner Perspectives on SBSC

Emma has an overview of SBSC on the Partner Perspectives blog. I like her comment that

I find the SBSC community the most vocal of our partner communities – whenever I go to an SBSC event I’m never without someone who wants to chat to me. Which is great! To me, one of the best bits of SBSC is the network these guys build up – they all seem to know each other and help each other

Despite the occasional trials and tribulations, I have to say it is THE best Partner Group within Microsoft. Yes, we do help each other out, a value which is totally unmeasureable and unquantifiable by Microsoft and long may it be so.

Upcoming SBSC PALs Conference Call

The final SBSC PALs Conference Call (for this round of PALs) is scheduled for 8th May. The good news is that Andrea Russell is back at the helm of the Worldwide SBSC Programme after being away for a little while. I think we’ll see more drive and focus coming through now. On the call will be someone from the Windows Server Business Group to talk about Essential Business Server and SBS 2008, so that’ll be interesting!

There is talk of keeping the existing PALs on for another year (not confirmed at the moment) while at the same time getting new ones aboard and I’ve put my nominations through. Interestingly, I had to hunt down the right person at Microsoft UK to give them to and thanks to Andrea for helping with that. The great thing is that there is so many people who would do a great job and change is a good thing, with new ideas and thoughts coming through. It’s in the hands of Microsoft now but good luck to those I nominated.

smbforum If you’ve not seen yet, the SBSC Symposium at WPC is changing into an SMB Track in the main conference as well as a one day interactive event now called Small and Medium-size Business Partner Forum. The SMB track is a recognition of the importance of this area to the overall Microsoft strategy and the difficulty in previously finding content/sessions which were focused on that area rather than just all Enterprise stuff throughout the main event.

SBS 2008 We Don't Want No Stinking Marketing!

I was highly annoyed today when I saw on the Microsoft Partner Portal marketing propaganda on SBS 2008 and EBS (Essential Business Server). The reason for this irritation is that we are not end customers who have to be sold to in that way. If you are going to do anything then announce a Worldwide Public Beta, announce Partner Readiness Training as was delivered at the recent SMB Summit in the US but basically give more product/technical info to Partners. Don’t give us the spiel about how SBS 2008 has benefited my business, we know all that – we’ve been selling SBS 2003 for god knows how long. This approach is so US centric as well and there has been next to zero communication from Microsoft UK about SBS 2008 and we’ve had to rely on snippets of information from people like Dave Overton who is no longer in the Small Business Team but with ISV. I have to say there has been no leadership on this in the UK.

I’m not asking for myself as I’m on the private beta for Cougar but that’s under NDA. We know SBS is a great product, just give us the beta to play with and we’ll do the rest and then you can throw as much Marketing as you want at us.

What do you think?

Moving Here Stories – Nine Days to Nine Hours

It’s amazing what you find on the Internet and found this story of my dad’s uncle, Jaswant Singh Riyait, who lives in Leicester and is 91 years old. He was one of the people that my Dad lived with because my grand parents died while my father was relatively young. It’s a story of migration over three continents. It’s difficult to imagine the courage and hardship our families have had to endure.

So, getting recognition with things like the SBSC PAL’s award means something much more to me, a validation of the sacrifices made by our community in coming to this country, a reason for them to be proud of me.

Social Networking in Plain English

The Common Craft website is a great resource for explaining "stuff" in plain english and I like their video on Social Networking below. It touches on something important that in many networks you cannot see the relationships beyond these networks. What you get is "structural holes" (you can tell I’ve been spending too much time with the academics), points in the network where either you cannot see the links beyond this or that these networks are not actually connected.What if you could spot these "gaps" and connect them but only do that if it made some sense to do it either in a business sense or some other sense. We would be building ever more valuable relationships??

"Bitch Slapping Technology"

In the week that The Register had the classic title of "Ballmer Bitch Slaps Vista", I thought I would come to the defence of poor old Vista and put some perspective on things – technology can be one big pain in the proverbial as these other stories show from The Register

Why is Ruby on Rails so darn slow?

… and perhaps my favourite Delayed Debian developers get thumbs up (The Debian development process which makes Vista development look like the Creation of the Universe in 7 days) – classic!!

How to Sell SBS to David Overton?

I saw a post on the SBSC Facebook Group that I started that one of the guys when he became an SBSC Partner about 2 years ago did a postcard drop at Dave Overton’s house :-) So, do think Dave bought one??

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