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How to setup SSL Certs for SBS 2003 by Richard Tubb

Richard’s got an excellent post on setting up third party SSL certificates for SBS 2003, very detailed with screenshots and great explanations. Richard is right to highlight the ridiculously cheap (but effective) GoDaddy Certs that I use for my server. Why people insist on trying to install the self-signed certs, I really cannot understand, with having to load the cert up on each mobile device you want to activesync with your server.

I admire people who right such detailed posts. I always think I will do one but I really haven’t the patience!

Current SBSC PAL List from Eric Ligman

Eric Ligman has posted up the list of SBSC PALs and their contact details. My email address is not linked in but it’s

Most of us communicate with each other via a Groove Workspace that Mark Crall set up before we went to the WWPC in Denver.

Insight into the making of a Vladcast

So this is how it happened and the efforts Vlad goes to in order to pull all this together for the Community.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m relaxing by listening to the SBS Show (the one with Dave Sobel) and funnily enough I get a email from Vlad asking if I’m busy and have I got Skype? We hook up on Messenger and he says he wants to do an interview on the SBSC PALs and I agree. I haven’t got Skype but I’ve got Asterisk, so Vlad goes away and sees if he can set up the Xten softphone for recording. It’s going to be tricky, so I install the Skype client and we start chatting. The feedback is terrible and it makes trying to say anything coherent almost impossible. Anyway, we resolve to try and work through it and we start the interview and my wireless internet connection goes! My draytek router drops the wireless connection and I have to plug my laptop directly into the router and reset the bloody router. Eventually, I get back online and feel like a right idiot and apologise profusely. Vlad is pretty cool like he’s seen that happen a million times before. The feedback is too bad and Vlad has to phone me directly but now there is feedback on his side! So, when he’s talking I mute my microphone and enable it when I’m speaking! We get through it and he thanks me and he’s off to do another interview and edit and put the whole thing online. By the time I wake up this morning, it’s all online and on his blog!

This guy is a legend and works in a totally different gear to any normal person :-)


Eric Ligman responds to who is your SBSC PAL?

Mark Crall spotted this post from Eric Ligman about communicating the details of the SBSC PALs Programme.

To be fair to Microsoft they had some ideas about what the PALs Programme might be but wanted to get the input from the PALs themselves at the Denver meetings. As this is a Community initiative, then they wanted some Community input. That is what we did, we brainstormed some ideas and thoughts. It’s not a plan that is laid out in stone and is going to be very fluid for quite some time, it will change and evolve over time. As this is the kickoff of the Programme, we’re all just feeling our way at the moment, “baby steps” as Lynette Eastlake put it!

Vlad has taken the initiative and recorded a Vladcast with Dean Calvert (Australian SBSC PAL) and myself, so go check it out.

I’ve blogged about the PALs meetings in Denver, just check out the SBSC PALs category on the blog. 

How to stop becoming obese and become a millionaire!

It’s so simple! I’ve got to stop hanging out with “fat” people and start hanging out with “rich” people. That’s according to Seth Godin, you’ve got to associate with people who are successful and you want to emulate. Do you do this? Do you actively go out there to associate with people who are “hip and cool”, just so it might rub off on you? I have to say my heroes are not rich famous people, so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong!

…right, I’m off to dump all my “fat poor” friends and find some “thin rich” people!!

Microsoft Going Opensource

Miguel de Icaza has a really excellent post on the recent announcements by Microsoft on its Opensource strategy. It looks to me that Microsoft is starting to hedge its bets here! Continuing to develop the way they have traditionally done is proving to be a huge investment for Microsoft and it’s by no means clear that it is the most efficient and productive way. To say that Microsoft could become a totally Opensource company seems quite fanciful at this moment in time. If we look at what’s happened within the technology industry, then there isn’t a major company that hasn’t had to change its strategy because of opensource. These companies include IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Novell and I’m sure there are more.

My own personal belief is that future software development strategies will lie somewhere between opensource and proprietary commercial methods. What balance there will be and what it will look like, I don’t know. I’m just not that clever to work that out. What we can say is that Microsoft is starting out on a journey which it doesn’t know where it will take them to. All we need now is Microsoft is stop the IP Patent claims on Linux and trying to sign Patent Protection deals with various Linux vendors!

A Perspective from another SBSC PAL

I thought I would share this as it’s a perspective from Jose who is one of the European SBSC PALs based in Slovenia. He’s got some great views, very passionate (as are ALL the PALs) and just a great guy.

Partners are Key

A good post from Steve Clayton regarding some of Microsoft’s strategy and especially Software + Services and that Partners are fundamental to this and in fact a competitive advantage over organisations like Google. My plea to Steve is that the SBSC Partners need people like him to help us navigate these exciting times and we want to hear his vision for how we can effectively grow our businesses in collaboration with Microsoft. We need leaders like Steve and our commitment is that we’ll work constructively to adopt new technologies and new ways of thinking. I think the advantage of Small Business Partners (…and small businesses in general) is their agility in the marketplace.

Microsoft's Opensource Community Lead

It’s on the Port 25 Blog that Garrett Serack is Microsoft’s new Opensource Community Lead with the task of building “Opensource Communities”! That’s just amazing, go read the details it’s good no, it’s very good!

Is this meaning humble pie for me!

Microsoft's Opensource Strategy Website

So, Microsoft’s work with Opensource has a new website now. I think Microsoft has a lot to gain from this work and was really pleased to see the launch of IronRuby, so you can now write WPF apps using Ruby on a Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) which is targeted at the .NET CLR. One of the great things about .NET’s IL is that it is flexible enough to support many different languages.

Scott Guthrie covers this in his blog in quite some detail and Miguel de Icaza congratulates Microsoft on the release.

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