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Remix UK 08

I’m booked to go to Remix UK 08 on 18/19th September at the Brighton Centre. Apparently, this isn’t an event in its traditional form its a "48 hour conversation". Not sure what that actually means but it sounds good. Attendance at this event highlights the changes happening in what I’m doing. Remix is about Microsoft’s Web technologies and is aimed at Designers and Developers. The keynote speakers are :-

  • Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP, .NET Developer Division
  • Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher, Microsoft

The site for Remix says that Brighton is a "…really chilled out place that has a unique creative buzz about it, and if you’re from out of town you’ll be able down tools completely and just lay back and enjoy…"

The only problem is that it won’t be the usual crowd that I know, so means I’ll have to talk to people I don’t know …arrgghhh!! But, I’m really looking forward to it and if you are going let me know.

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I'm Twittering

Is that the right phrase to use “Twittering”? Who knows and who cares! I signed up for Twitter quite a while back but I’ve just got back into it and I’m liking the Micro-blogging stuff and seeing how you can actually interact with people on it. Interesting stuff.

If you want to have a much more lucid reason for using Twitter then check out Confused of Calculatta (aka JP Rangaswami).

Check out My Twitter Page and if you get into it or already doing it let me know so we can “follow” each other. Blog technorati ranking is so 2007 and Twitter Followers is so 2008 :-)

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The UK's Top 100 Blogs

Thanks to Matthew Stibbe’s blog, I found that Blogstorm has published the top 100 UK Blogs. No, mine isn’t on it but Matthew’s blog comes in at 79 which is pretty impressive. He’s writing up some case studies for Microsoft on some customer’s of iQubed and he’s got some great posts on his blog on “Technology, Business and Marketing”. Also, Gaping Void comes in at number 10.

Hugh MacLeod joins The Register

Just saw that Hugh is becoming a regular contributor to The Register.

Creative Coffee Club hits town

…well, it’s actually hitting a few places and the Facebook group has grown to 170 people.

The Leicester event is on Wed 26th September at 10.00am – 12.00pm at Ritazza, which is at the De Montfort University Campus. You can check out the CreativeCoffee Club website.

See you there.

CreativeCoffee Club coming to Leicester

Think informal atmosphere talking about Web 2.0, Business and ideas on how you can make effective use of Social Networking technologies in your organisation over some coffee. That’s what the CreativeCoffee Club is and it’s coming very soon to Leicester. Yes, Leicester that bastion of the knowledge based economy and home to the greatest thinkers in New Media stuff!! Seriously, this is going to be good, mixing academic thinking with business pragmatism and coming up with some interesting and exciting outcomes. I’m hoping to be actively involved in linking the local business community to these events. There’s a great bunch of people behind this, who are very passionate and stimulating to be with. What more could you ask for?

MIX UK 07 – Sign up for £199

Andy Parkes just reminded me about MIX UK 07 event down in London on 11/12th September. Maybe not quite as cool as the Las Vegas event where they had the Pussy Cat Dolls! But you still get to see Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s GM within the Developer Division. Unfortunately, I can’t make it but at £199 seems a bargain to me.

Developing for Facebook

I think one of the successes of Facebook is that they’ve opened up the platform to developers.

I spotted that Miguel had highlighted some Mono based application work with Facebook.

Nice work and well worth a looksey!

What kind of blogger are you?

I think according to Jory I’m probably a “repurposer”, which is someone who uses existing online content to comment on. Unlike Susanne, I rarely sit down and think of entirely original stuff to put out there. I have to say, I think Jory has a very valid point and the fact that I’m “repurposing” her blog post sort of proves her point! As one of the founders of BlogHer, Jory is one smart person and a great writer and if this post does nothing else than to get you to go over and check out her thoughts, then it was worth the “repurposing”!

Microsoft Popfly Alpha is Released

Computer Weekly has reported that the Microsoft Popfly Alpha is out. I just logged in with my Windows LiveID and requested an invitation. Looks like they will be sending one out in the next batch they release, so won’t be straight away. I watched the Channel 9 video on Popfly and it looks really cool, creating Mashups without any code – just drag and drop blocks! It’s a Silverlight application.

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