BBC iPlayer

Have you tried the BBC iPlayer yet? I just installed it the other day to watch the Extras again and I’m pretty impressed. I know many people haven’t been too bowled over by it for various reasons and the Opensource Community was not happy that they couldn’t use it on Linux. You have to install the Download Manager and then you can download a programme from the last 7 days. If you don’t start watching it, then you have 30 days but if you start watching it then you have 7 days before the file is automatically deleted. The Extras was 400MB to download which on my broadband link took just over an hour (approx 100 kbytes/sec). The downloads are performed using a peer-to-peer technology called Kontiki which until I searched for it, didn’t realise it was owned by Verisign. As it’s a P2P network your computer can be used as a download “Peer Source” if you so choose. The content is pretty high quality so playing it full screen makes for a good experience.

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iPhone is so cool!

I went into the Apple store at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver and decided to check out the iPhone. The interface is just fantastic and I can now understand some of the hype behind this. To me it’s not a business phone without the ability to connect to corporate email servers. It does have IMAP and POP3 access but without something like ActiveSync capability, it just doesn’t cut the mustard. I’ve heard rumours that ActiveSync is coming for iPhone. Putting that aside the screen and responsiveness of the controls is great.

I think Microsoft could produce something similar using Silverlight. Currently Silverlight runs within a browser using a compact .NET runtime engine. I can’t see any reason why Microsoft couldn’t have a runtime which didn’t have to run within the browser, so that the entire interface is Silverlight. I think this is a great idea!!

iPhone Frenzy

I bet Microsoft wishes it could generate excitement like this!

From BBC News.

BT 21CN is Coming

This’ll be the biggest shakeup in telecomms infrastructure since …well, I don’t know when but a long time!

So, who says that funny VoIP stuff will never catch on? Converged networks are just a pipe dream? The BT 21st Century Network Project is IP right up to your house or your business, 24 mb/s broadband, nice! A pure IP switched backbone, powered by routers such as the Juniper IP/MPLS products, awesome stuff! On the back of this BT are launching the developer framework for supporting those new applications in conjunction with Microsoft. The rollout is under way and by 2011 it’ll be complete. SaaS is a coming, applications are going to be piped down that wire!

UK Government Policy on Software Patents

I saw this interesting link on the Leicester Linux User Group mailing list and gives an overview of the UK Government’s policy on software patents on the Number 10 website. Maybe they are realising that granting software patents doesn’t foster innovation. I’m all for copyright, that’s important, and licenses like the Open Source GPL protect copyright.

The Freethcartwright Blog

The Leicester Mercury were reporting today that a local Law Firm, Freethcartwright, was third in a worldwide poll for it’s Blog which focuses on IP and IT issues. Nice to see an SME taking blogging seriously. Good content focused on things like IT Law, so well worth a look.

Come on Developers, pull yer fingers out!

Slashdot Article on the performance limits of software despite the fact we’re getting multicore processors. Question is, are the application developers taking advantage of these new hardware architectures? It’s also to do with the compilers being able to support these architectures and take advantage of increased address spaces, heavy pipelining and multi-processing engines. My laptop is an AMD Turion64 x2, but I’ve no idea if Vista supports that in any way, shape or form! To get more performance, we’re sticking applications on clusters (mainly commodity Intel servers) but maybe what we should be doing is optimising these applications for these new architectures.

Technology Early Adopters – alive and well and in Las Vegas

Apparently “consumers get it” and are increasingly becoming early adpoters of technology. You’re going to find a veritable gaggle of these people (what’s the collective term for a large gathering of Geeks?) at the current Consumer Electronics Show. Now I know you’re wishing you could be there but there is some online content to drool over the next gadget you’re going to get! Funny how this Adoption Curve increase doesn’t seem to translate in to Small Businesses or does it?

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