Enterprise Social Networking

I often hear people talking about the value of Twitter but for a while I’ve been following people talking about Enterprise Social Networking and in particular Lawrence Liu and using Sharepoint for this purpose. So, at WPC I attended a presentation on Enterprise Social Networking. It had a case study by Newsgator who were building social networking components for Sharepoint. Now, Sharepoint (more specifically MOSS 2007) has something called "Mysites" which allows people to become connected via their profiles with various information about themselves.

I can’t offer any great insight into this area other than it is a really interesting area and something which I have gut feeling will be very  important in the future.

The BBC News Online has a story reporting a study by Gartner on how businesses are missing out on the potential that social networks present.

Interesting that it says Social Networking was taking over from email or at least taking a place alongside it.

You can also find me on Twitter and Friend Feed. If you’re on one of these as well then let me know so that we can connect.

Free Day Long WSS 3.0 Seminar

Following on from the previous successful Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Event down at Microsoft London, here is a day long event in Leicestershire courtesy of Combined Knowledge aimed at SBSC Partners and helping them make the most of WSS 3.0 on SBS 2003/2008. Contact Combined Knowledge directly if you want to sign-up but places are limited. Steve Smith of Combined Knowledge and I, will be doing more to bring Sharepoint out to SBSC Partners, so stay tuned …!!


VSeWSS version 1.2 – still no 64 bit Support

Well, the Sharepoint Product Group might be "very excited" and "super jazzed" about the new version of Visual Studio Extenstions for WSS for Visual Studio 2008, but it still won’t install on VS 2008 running on 64 bit Vista. Loads of questions on the Sharepoint Team Blog about this point but no answers. Question to Microsoft is, are we moving to a 64 bit world or not??

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SBSC Sharepoint Event Overview

The event on Tue was great and well attended with between 40-50 people coming along and good number of SBSC Partners. Andy has already blogged about it and as we travelled down together, what he didn’t say was the difficulty we had trying to find a Car Park around Victoria. Now, usually such a thing is pretty straightforward because of such new fangled devices called "Signs" but Central London seems to be bereft of them, of course it’s probably as a deterrent to coming in your car just in case you braved the congestion charge! Anyway, thanks to Andy’s GPS enabled phone we tracked down the NCP, hurray!

Craig Carpenter (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) did a presentation on Search Server Express 2008 and despite some technical hiccups, I was very impressed by the product as it’s essentially the same search as you get with MOSS 2007 but for FREE and if you install it, you get a default installation of WSS 3.0 anyway. It can also crawl federated services as well through connectors and other systems which may be part of your network. Sharepoint search works by crawling content on predefined schedule and building an index and the query is then executed against the index. Search Server Express 2008 is not scalable but hey it’s FREE and on small networks would be great and did I mention it’s FREE?

Steve Smith MVP (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) did a great talk on content types and doing some easy put really powerful out of the box stuff with them and by applying meta data (aka columns in Sharepoint lists) then these are searchable by Search Server Express.

It was great to see Bill English of Mindsharp there from the US and show us Deliverpoint which is a tool built by his software company, Barracuda, for managing Sharepoint Users. If you’ve done any serious stuff in Sharepoint around users, then you’ll know that once your users, groups and permissions grow and as these can be set on per item level in Sharepoint, then this is not easy task in maintaining them. For example across multiple Sharepoint Sites how do you know which users have access to what? Basically you don’t without going to each Site and checking manually …urrghhh!

The feedback has been really positive and Steve has again very kindly agreed to do more sessions across the Midlands and London, so stay tuned.

Update on Sharepoint Event on 29th April

The Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 event on 29th April at Microsoft London at 6.00pm, has filled up quite nicely with over 50 people registered to come along.

Steve Smith MVP (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) will be covering Content Types and Document Management.

Craig Carpenter (co-owner of Combined Knowledge) will be talking about Search Server Express

Bill English MVP (of US based consultancy Mindsharp) is presenting on DeliverPoint.

There’s still room if you want to attend? Either email me at or leave a comment.

Installing MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008

This is something I’ve yet to do, but I’m starting to look at this seriously now and I’ve found some useful resources for this.

Installing MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008 by Matt Hester (Technet Edge) – with a video walkthrough as well.

How to move MOSS 2007 from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 64bit (plus they’ve got a load of other great FREE whitepapers to download)

Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Event for SBSC Partners on 29th April 2008

This is an event that has been organised by Steve Smith MVP and myself. The details are below.

Venue & Time

Microsoft London, Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL meeting at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start and 9.00pm finish.

Presentations from some of the worldwide experts on Sharepoint on Windows Sharepoint Sservices 3.0 which will be a key component of SBS 2008 and which can be installed as a side-by-side installation on SBS 2003.


Steve Smith MVP and Craig Carpenter (co-owners of Combined Knowledge one of the leading Sharepoint Training Consultancies). Steve is also one of the organisers of the Sharepoint User Group in the UK. Check out the bios here.

Bill English MVP of US based Mindsharp and author of a number of MS Press Books on Sharepoint will be presenting on WSS User Management on the new DeliverPoint Platform.

To register either leave a comment with your name and company or drop me an email at We are expecting a lot of interest and it will be opened up to the Sharepoint User Group as well.

Sharepoint GearUp

One of the things that I’ve seen recently coming out from the Sharepoint Conference over in Seattle is this handy site called Sharepoint GearUp. It’s essentially a one stop place for the complete Sharepoint cycle of selling, planning, implementing and supporting end users. More and more of my time is being consumed with Sharepoint, which is a good thing since it’s the main part of the strategy going forward. People want to know about Sharepoint and its one of the easiest conversations to start having as increasingly people have heard about it.

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Credentials Required when Opening Office Files on WSS 3.0

After this issue was identified in a recent Newsgroup post, I checked my installation of WSS 3.0 on SBS 2003 and sure enough I had to enter my authentication credentials three times to open a Word document in a Sharepoint Document Library eventhough Windows Integrated Authentication was employed in a domain environment. Whilst this behaviour can be exhibited if you have basic authentication enabled on your Web Application (see KB871155), this was not the case for me.

It seems this issue is related to KB932118 and Persistent Cookies not being shared between IE7 and Office Applications in Vista. The workaround for Sharepoint is to place your WSS Site in the Intranet Zone and disable protected mode only for the Intranet Zone. This is due to the tighter security employed by IE7.

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More about Forms Based Authentication on Sharepoint

There are some really good new articles from MSDN looking at Forms Based Authentication on Sharepoint, which are linked to on the Microsoft Sharepoint Products and Technologies Team Blog.

There are a couple of caveats that I’ve come across with FBA and they are :-

  • The Sharepoint index crawler/search facility does not work with FBA, so you have to extend the Web Application and use this zone for Windows Authentication and set your content source to point to this extended web application. An extended web application still uses the same content databases as your original application.
  • Sharepoint Designer doesn’t authenticate against FBA so again you need the above for this.
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