"Dancing Boy" by Sean Daniel (SBS Product Team)

The explanation for this is on Mark’s blog. This is so funny!

Buy SBS 2008 and Get a Free Handgun!

An American Car Dealer is giving a free handgun or a $250 fuel card with each new truck or car that you buy. Apparently the offer is working really well and pretty much everyone has opted for the handgun except for one woman who said that she had loads at home already! So, I was thinking that maybe this could be great promotional offer for SBS 2008 and if you couldn’t get it installed in three easy steps you could just blow your brains out with the handgun:-)

… and to think Vlad is always goading me on the crazy things Indians do !!!

"Bitch Slapping Technology"

In the week that The Register had the classic title of "Ballmer Bitch Slaps Vista", I thought I would come to the defence of poor old Vista and put some perspective on things – technology can be one big pain in the proverbial as these other stories show from The Register

Why is Ruby on Rails so darn slow?

… and perhaps my favourite Delayed Debian developers get thumbs up (The Debian development process which makes Vista development look like the Creation of the Universe in 7 days) – classic!!

How to Sell SBS to David Overton?

I saw a post on the SBSC Facebook Group that I started that one of the guys when he became an SBSC Partner about 2 years ago did a postcard drop at Dave Overton’s house :-) So, do think Dave bought one??

STOP PRESS: Richard Tubb Switches to Linux

Yes, it’s true Richard Tubb has switched to using Linux and is loving it, you can read all about his new love affair with the Asus Eee running Xandros Linux. As he promised in his blog post he bought it to tonight’s AMITPRO Meeting. He was heard tonight discussing switching to an entirely Open Source business model. We had to rip his Blue Badge from his shirt sleeve. I believe there will be high level meetings convened in the morning at Microsoft to discuss this defection. The shock waves will ripple through the IT industry for a long time to come and I’m expecting it to be picked up by The Register.

… actually, you know I’m joking but he was loving his "baby" and I’ve not seen him that excited since a certain night in Reading!!!

Sing when you're winning!

Not being one to gloat but just couldn’t resist – thanks Mr Harbidge


Antisocial Networking

Now, this is the kind of social networking you want !!!

Pussy Cat Dolls talking technology at MIX 07

Oh yes with video!!

Check it out from Las Vegas courtesy of a link from a comment on Matt McSpirit’s blog.

Come on own up – did you buy Obi Wan's Cloak


I know there are some avid Star Wars fans out there so own up if you were the secret bidder who bought the original Obi Wan cloak for £56,000! If so are you going to wear it out, or will you film yourself for YouTube doing death defying light sabre moves wearing it ??!!

The Office Rocker's Crash and Burn

Poor old Darren Strange, who is the Microsoft UK Product Manager for Office 2007, has recounted the ‘crash & burn’ he had at the recent Technet Nottingham event I was at. Microsoft then go and double the pain because they always insist on feedback and obviously people gave it! He’s right about the lack of humour of the audience. Is this what happens when you work in the Enterprise environment? Maybe all those sleepless nights of battling with AD and Group Policy just suck the life out of you. Maybe they need to chill out and play with a few SBS boxes and relax in a warm glowy feeling of life being so easy and care free! It’s typical the East Midlands had to be the most lifeless audience of the tour so far! Brave of Darren to recount his horror story! These things happen!

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